You can save lives and equip women!

We believe every baby deserves a birthday. 

Every day women facing an unplanned pregnancy walk through our doors. They are confused, scared, often alone, and unsure what to do. With an abortion center within 5 miles of our location, our work is more important than ever.


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Donations can be made online using this form or by mailing a check to the P.O. box listed at the bottom of this page.

Studies show that 90% of women who hear their baby’s heartbeat and see pictures of their baby on an ultrasound choose life!

All of our services at MAPS are free and confidential

We are able to do this because individuals, churches, and businesses take a stand for life to support our effort to save lives and combat the lies of abortion.

Confused moms choose abortion because they fear having a baby will destroy their life or they may not be able support their baby.

Abortion is portrayed as an easy way to move on with life. They are not told about the lifelong regret, guilt, and shame that often plagues them for the rest of their lives. This is where we help with your support.

In a world where confused moms are encouraged to choose abortion and accept the idea that their babies are expendable, you can transform their situation. You can support the case for life!

Where else can you give less than $200 to directly save a life?

It’s astounding that a life can be saved and a mom can avoid a lifetime of regret with such a small investment.

2,500 babies lose their lives every day to abortion. Empower moms and dads to choose life!

MAPS is a 501(C)(3) non-profit and all donations given to support the ministry are tax-deductible. (A copy of the NC State solicitation license is available by calling 1-888-830-4989).