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Pregnancy Options

Parenting Expand

The thought of becoming a parent may seem impossible to you right now and many questions may be going through your mind. We can help you navigate through this option and give you free valuable resources in our community and through MAPS.

Adoption Expand

Adoption can be an incredible way to give your baby the life you wish. We will help you understand how adoption works, your participation, and be there for you.

Abortion Expand

The “Woman’s Right to Know Act” requires that women who seek abortions be fully informed about relevant issues such as:

  • Medical risks associated with carrying a pregnancy to term or abortion,
  • Probable gestational age of the fetus – this will impact your decisions
  • Abortion methods
  • Possible psychological effects of abortion
  • Medical risks of carrying the pregnancy to term
  • Public/private agencies /services available to assist you through your pregnancy, at childbirth, and after delivery,
  • Information on free ultrasounds.

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