Teenage Pregnancy Services

Mountain Area Pregnancy Services provides free pregnancy testing for women of all ages. Clients younger than 18 years of age are welcome in our facility and do not require parental permission for us to perform services. All work with those under the age of 18 is strictly confidential and provided free of charge. We work with all clients to provide resources to assist young ladies with their pregnancy. For clients who are pregnant and need a place to live, we work to find housing solutions for them and their baby. MAPS works with those under the age of 18 to help assure them of their ability to carry a pregnancy to full term and to understand what to expect as a parent. MAPS will work with the young lady’s family or school if needed to help her to succeed in all aspects of her life.

Common Symptoms of Pregnancy

Most women experience one or more of the following:
Missed period, tender, swollen breasts with darkening around nipples, sensitivity to smells, food cravings, more tired than normal, dizziness and possible fainting, nausea and/or vomiting, frequent trips to the bathroom, mild cramping or back pain.

To determine if you are pregnant, call us at (828) 252-1306.