Are You Pregnant?
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Are you experiencing symptoms of pregnancy?
Mountain Area Pregnancy Services offers free pregnancy tests administered by medically trained personnel. With a positive test, the pregnancy can be confirmed by a FREE limited OB ultrasound.

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Common Symptoms of Pregnancy

Most women experience one or more of the following:
Missed period, tender, swollen breasts with darkening around nipples, sensitivity to smells, food cravings, more tired than normal, dizziness and possible fainting, nausea and/or vomiting, frequent trips to the bathroom, mild cramping or back pain

To determine if you are pregnant, call us at (828) 252-1306


What To Expect At Your Appointment

At your first appointment:

  • Bring photo ID.
  • We will go over a few questions to understand your situation.
  • Friends and family may join midway through your appointment.

After a positive pregnancy test:

  • We will perform/schedule a limited OB Ultrasound
  • We will provide you valuable resources along with referrals to OB physicians

What To Expect At Your Ultrasound

A positive pregnancy test is only an indicator that you may be pregnant. A limited OB ultrasound will provide the needed information to confirm the pregnancy. With this information, you are ready to take the next step: Considering your options.

Services For Men

We believe in a holistic approach to help educate and heal both men and women. We are here for you and can provide the resources men need on this journey.